INATEK+ carries out the complex "turn-key" supply of all type tools, general-purpose machine-tools and tooling, provides their optimal perfomance and monitoring.

1. Metalworking tool and cutting inserts
(made of tool steels, HSS, cemented carbides, ceranicss, cubic boron nitride, synthetic and natural daimonds
including with wear-resistant coating deposited by CVD and PVD processes)
- general purpose lathe tools (including the cut-off and slitting ones)
- form tools
- drills
- reamers
- counterbores
- end mills and shell-type milling cutters
- gear cutting tools
- threadcutting tool (threading tools and chasers, taps, dies, die heads
   threading cutters)
- broaches
- saws
- special tools (including the cutting tools for machining the railway whell pairs, rails, sleepars of a railway track and other articles for the railway transport; specia; extra long worm drills with CBN and synthetic daimond drill bits for machining concrete, stone and the like matherials).
Upon the end user request the complex form nonstandard precision tools can be manufactured by method of grinding from solid, e.g., for machining the parts of aerospace industry, mainly-copy milling cutters with cone, radial, ball-nosed and like form ends.

2. Grinding tools and powders
(made of standard abrasive matherials, CBN and synthetic daimond)
- grinding whells made of standard abrasive matherials
- grinding heads
- grinding sticks
- grinding segments
- CBN and daimond grinding whells
- grinding belt, the articles made of it, fibre and grued discs
- honing sticks
- powders of daimond, CBN, carborundum and silicon carbide (green and black)
   of various grades and grit sizes.

3. Woodcutting tools
(made of tool steels, HSS, cemented carbides, cubic boron nitride, syntheric and natural daimonds) for mathining the wood and laminated matherials)
- cutters
- drills
- special tools
- kit of tool for home shop
- saws
- knives

4. Mine boring tools.(including the daimond ones)
- drill bits
- dressers
- pneumatic impact tools

5. Electric tools
(electric drills, pistols, impact wrenches, etc.)

6. Assembly tools
(hammers, screwdrivers, pincers and othe tools including in the kit for home shops)

7. Mathine tooling
- vises
- benches and tables
- chucks

8. Measuring tools
- sine bars
- vernier-caliper gages
- micrometers
- length bars
- levels
- gages
- special table optical instruments for measuring and adjusting the cutting tools

9. General purpose metalcutting machines and grinders, mechanical and hydro presses including heavy-duty and CNC ones.

10. Cutting oils.

Upon your request additional information materials can suoolied on all problems to be interested for you as well as high-skilled experts can be provided.

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